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How to Choose the Right Propane Delivery Company for Your Needs

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Propane companies should offer various service options to satisfy the needs of each household. This includes financing plans, differently-sized tanks, and automatic or will-call delivery.

It’s important to consider pricing versus value when selecting a propane supplier. However, a low price will only matter if the company can deliver on a cold winter night!


A good propane company puts its customers first and does not view them as another source of profit. If you have problems with your equipment or need a tank refill, they should be available to assist you at any time, night or day. It would help to avoid voicemail recordings, endless ringing, or a general lack of communication between you and their technicians and office staff.

Evaluate each company’s customer service and product/service reliability by examining reviews from existing customers and comparing the services they offer with the prices they charge. This will help you find a propane supplier that offers competitive pricing and reliable service while providing the best value for your money. Consider whether the propane company offers various delivery options and payment methods that work within your budget. You can review the company’s website for these details or contact them directly to discuss your needs and concerns.

Choose the Right Propane Delivery Company
Choose the Right Propane Delivery Company


Assessing local service provider’s products and services is important in finding the right propane supplier. Most suppliers provide similar products and services, but customizations can vary by company. For example, some offer automatic delivery, which schedules refills based on usage patterns to ensure you never run out of propane. This can be a great option for busy homeowners.

Inquire about fees associated with delivery, service, and early termination of contracts. This will help you compare pricing plans to find the most reasonable options that suit your budget.

Ask if the propane delivery company offers leak checks and can run gas lines for additional applications. Choosing a licensed company with certified technicians in the field can save you the expense of hiring a plumber or handyperson. They’re more likely to care about your specific needs and will personalize their services accordingly.

Customer Service

Propane companies should have customer service operations that are responsive and easy to reach. This includes 24-hour customer support to address emergencies, such as a leaking tank or an inability to access your propane supply.

Ask potential suppliers to describe how they train their employees and what safety measures they take. Propane can be dangerous when handled incorrectly, so choosing a company with good safety practices is important.

Most propane suppliers offer various delivery options, including automatic and as-needed deliveries. Choose a delivery option that works best for your needs and budget.

If you go with an automatic delivery option, ensure the propane company will call before each delivery and confirm that someone is home. Also, see if they can provide flexibility to accommodate changes to your schedule. If they can’t, you may need to switch companies. Also, compare pricing plans and programs to ensure you’re getting the most value for your money.

Propane Delivery Company for Your Needs
Propane Delivery Company for Your Needs


You may find some propane suppliers that seem cheap, but if they have a history of high propane prices and hidden fees, you might pay more in the long run. Look for a supplier with reasonable rates and additional perks, such as discounts for veterans, seniors, or employees of major corporations.

You’ll also want to ask about the delivery options offered by each supplier. Some offer monitored/automatic delivery, where they schedule deliveries based on your usage patterns; this can help you avoid running out of propane. Other companies provide will-call delivery, where you call when you need a refill. If you choose this option, monitor your usage closely and make adjustments in the summer (like reducing your thermostat) and winter (ensuring your appliances are well-serviced and energy-efficient). You can also conserve propane by scheduling regular maintenance visits with your supplier. Some suppliers will charge a fee for delivering to customers who don’t request a delivery within the required window.

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