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How To Choose Public Storage In NYC: Prices And Types

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There are so many reasons you might find yourself needing to rent a storage unit in NYC.

Perhaps you need to hold your items temporarily when the closing date has been pushed back. Or when on a transient job with no permanent residence.

You’ll also find it useful when downsizing or consolidating homes, or staging a home for sale. All these are relocation-related reasons, mind you.

Other instances you might find a storage unit necessary include:

  • When you need to create more space at home
  • When undertaking a home renovation
  • To empty a dorm room in the summer
  • To store a loved one’s belongings
  • To store valuable possessions like art or jewelry
  • To keep business inventory organized in the case of businesses
  • To keep vehicles safe during the offseason

Whatever your reasons may be, suffice to say a storage unit can be a lifesaver. An increasing number of Americans are making use of storage units these days as the cost of renting one has gone down significantly.

For anyone looking to find a reputable storage company NYC, what are the types of units should you expect – and how much does it cost to rent one?

Types of Storage Units

Given the plethora of items that can be stowed away in public storage, it’s not surprising to know there are many types of storage units that exist.

Before we delve into them, worth noting is that public storage is available in two options:

  1. Full-service storage – In this form, the storage company does all the work for you, including a scheduled pick-up of the items you need stored and preparation of the items for storage. It’s costlier, but absolves you of the need to have another to-do on your lengthy task list.
  2. Self-storage – The task of moving, documenting, storing and managing your items in self-storage falls on you. A cheaper option, but it’s not as convenient as its full-storage option.

The two major options aside, here are the types of storage units you can expect to find in NYC:


  • Climate-controlled units

These are units most ideal for keeping sensitive items like:

  • Fine art
  • Electronics
  • Wood furniture
  • Antiques
  • Important documents
  • Musical instruments

Some don’t promise the use of heat or AC but are insulated rather. Still, they offer added protection for your items, with some even coming with humidity control. All points worth considering when shopping for options.


  • Indoor Storage Units

These are located within a building with no direct access from the outside. They offer more protection against the elements.


  • Outdoor Storage Units

These are also located within a building, but they differ from their indoor alternatives in that they can be accessed directly from the outdoors – that is, you can drive your car right up to your unit.

Ideal for items that are not vulnerable to dust and dampness (exposed by opening the door) or the vagaries of weather (think heat and cold).


  • Portable Storage

Provides you with a storage container at your home or business premises. Ideal if you’re in the process of moving.


  • Commercial/Warehouse Storage

Suited to the large-storage needs of business enterprises and comes complete with loading docks.


  • Vehicle Storage

It can either be indoor, outdoor (less costly), or covered vehicle storage, with the latter providing parking space alongside other vehicles.


Choosing a Storage Unit (and Cost)

When choosing a storage unit, here are the things you need to think about:

  • The items you want to store
  • Duration of storage
  • Size of the unit
  • Storage features and amenities
  • Security
  • Facility maintenance
  • Customer reviews
  • Storage insurance – Learn about insurance options available
  • Cost

In the case of cost, there is no fixed price per se, although the average prices might be in the region of:

  • $50-$200/month for a standard storage unit
  • $75-$250/month for a climate-controlled unit

Storage options in New York City will vary from one provider to the next, with the actual price usually dependent on the same factors as above – duration of storage, size of unit, what you’re storing, amenities, security level and so on.



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