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Home Improvement: Choosing Between Patio Doors and French Doors

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Becoming a homeowner is something that almost everyone dreams about. Whether you get one built or purchase one, it is the result of years of effort and discipline, and it is also meant to be something that will last for generations to come.

However, there are always many things to consider during the whole process of purchasing or getting a house built. Things like its design, how many rooms will it have, where will the kitchen be placed, as well as how big will the structure be, are among the things you have to worry about.

But what about doors? Like many of the features of a house, doors can perform functional and aesthetical roles, and things like which type, as well as the materials used for it, can influence these aspects.

Even more when we talk about patio doors, since they will probably be one of the most used entrances of the house, and it will also catch the eye of people going near your place.

If you are struggling to choose a patio door type and the materials for it, I will provide general advice on the matter, and discuss why you should consider certain options over others.

Why Choosing the Right Door is Important

The most important aspect of choosing the right type of entrance, as mentioned in this article, is avoiding future problems. Of course, you might want an entrance to look as eye-catching and pleasing as possible, but things like the materials used and their functionality are also important.

They are also capable of rising or reducing the overall value of your house in case you decide to end up selling along the way. The durability and how much strain they can handle can also decide how much maintenance, replacements, and repairs might be needed.

There is also the matter of security. Certain entrances are more secure than others and making sure that you and your family are safe should be one of your top priorities when building or purchasing a house. With that said, you can always change them if you feel like they are not as secure as they should be.


A French Entrance

This type of entrance is well known for being a big, chunky one, and this is usually hanging on huge hinges.  They enter the category of a double entrance because they have two doors, and they commonly open outwards, but there are exceptions to this rule.

These are also known for opening completely on most occasions, or at least opening to the point of reaching their maximum outward capacity parallel to the hinges.

You also have the option of smaller versions of this type, in case you are interested. These might be better for small houses or apartments, or to have access to gardens or narrow spaces.

This option can be described as a much more traditional alternative, in comparison to sliding doors. They are also the ones with the most materials available for construction, like the ones mentioned in this article,


A Sliding Entrance

Sliding entrances are indeed more advanced versions in comparison to French entrances. This is because they usually have a modern feel to them, which can be pleasant for some people who like recent things.

The biggest advantage of this type of entrance is that it does not cover as much space when opened as regular doors. This is because, when opened, they practically stay in place.

This type of entrance is the most recommended one for small houses, apartments, or spaces that are very narrow. You should always consider this option if you feel like there’s not enough space for a traditional door.

One of the things to have in mind is that, because of how they are usually created, they might not be as secure. Most sliding doors are made of steel and glass, and as you might have guessed, breaking glass is really easy.

However, sliding doors can also be crafted with wood, but they are more commonly created with steel and glass because of the friction problems wood might cause, and problems with humidity caused by rain and other external weather influences, like humidity.

I would say that the functionality and materials used for their creation are the main difference between patio doors and French doors, but there are other things to note.


Entrances for a Family with Kids

If you have a family with kids, lighter and easier to deal with entrances will always be better. A bulky door might be even dangerous for a kid, since it can hurt them if they are not careful, and that is why French entrances are not recommended for them, considering they tend to be on the heavier side.

On the other hand, a sliding door is better for them because the amount of strength required to open and close them is almost null. However, you might want to pay attention to the type of glass used to create them.

Thin glass can be dangerous because one single mistake can cause a really bad situation. You should always go for resistant, thick glass instead. Aluminium can be a good enough material for a sliding door, too, because it requires little maintenance, it is lightweight, and it can be rather resistant.

If you still want to go for a French entrance, you should try to go for wood or aluminium. If you pick wood, pick one that is resistant and lightweight for the sake of your kids.



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