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How to Travel with Fishing Rods and What to do to Transport Fishing Rods in Car

How to transport fishing rods in car

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Fishing is fun, but we cannot take the frustrations and time-consuming element out of it especially when it comes to loading your fishing gear in a vehicle. Consider the poles being too long and tangling lines and hooks lurking looking for a soft spot to lurch into.  This will cause damage to the car, yourself, or even the fishing equipment.

You will need to find a way of transporting the rod when using the car, and the idea is to spend less time packing and loading and less time loading and packing. There are two most used fishing rods transportation methods using a car:

  • On the roof rack using a special mounting
  • Inside the car

On the roof rack using special mounting

The mounting is a convenient, secure, and safe way to transport the fishing gear from one destination to the next. The mount is easy to use weather resistant and of course durable. The designers ensure that carrying your best choice of equipment does not stop because of harsh weather conditions.

The transportation equipment is made from molded lock mechanism to ease your mind on matters relating to security while on the road or outdoors. Pick some of your best fishing rods , and most car rigs can carry up to four fishing rods on the right or the left side of the vehicle. The good news is that you can increase the capacity by adding another rig on the opposite of the car.

Go for a rig that is rigid, strong, and rustproof, if you can find one that is UV stable good for your long-term fishing experience.

Inside the car

If you are using the regular size car, assembling the fly rod (usually 10 feet) inside may seem possible, but with no restraints, it poses some risks. Try more customized approaches such as using the seat belts or foam slots

The two fishing rod transportation methods mean the car rig seems to be favorable. It is only prudent we show you how to tie fishing rods on the roof rack.

Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods

Tying the fishing rods securely

When tying a fishing rod, an angler remembers that a fishing rod will only work as it is intended to as long as it remains steady and strong. A sign of bend or crack will negatively impair the pole’s performance and possibly break down when put under slight pressure.

Some rods can afford you the flexibility and can fit in the small case and let them stay on the back seat. When dealing with deep-sea fishing and fly rods that are substantially long, breaking them may not guarantee good performance in the long run.

It is better to leave everything in one piece and make fishing continue being an exciting experience by popping out and head straight to the waters. You can use the “GONE FISHING” sign to make other motorists aware of your precious cargo as this also makes your rods and reel maintain their perfect shape.

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