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Dimensional Shingles

Dimensional Shingles
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Close-up detail of new modern wooden warm ecological cottage house top with shingled brown roof and wooden sidings on blue sky background. Professionally done carpentry and construction work.

What are dimensional shingles?

If you have a roof that needs protection from sunlight, rainfall, snow and such things try installing the dimensional shingles also known as laminated shingles. Maximum people who stay in the United States and Europe use these architectural shingles as a covering for their rooftop. You are free to choose between vast colour range, styles, patterns and quality. Back in the old days, asphalt shingles were quite a hype in the market as a new roofing material, but as soon as the dimensional roofing shingles came into the market everything changed.

Now the mass only prefers these advanced technology shingles that look similar to any kind of exterior you want but lives longer than the earlier ones. The crowd thinks that these shingles can also be installed in the outside walls of their home but unfortunately, they are wrong. Shingles are not tiles or marbles that are used for flooring or slabbing purpose, they are only supposed to get fixed on the rooftop of any building or house serving an architectural purpose.  The Owens corning dimensional shingles and the 3-dimensional shingles are a bit expensive as well.

Build Quality

The thickness is more than usual that prevents heat from entering the ceiling less. The colour won't fade away for a long time as it's machine painted, they can even look like the design as per you choose (Example – green grass type or brown wooden type). The most used among them are black, dark brown and rust blue, usually, everyone prefers a deep so that it doesn't get dirty easily. The 3 separate layers in the previous asphalt roofing shingles are avoided this time, they have joined 2 fat layers of dimensional shingles together to make it harder and lighter than before.

The finishing is even better, the edges remain smooth which makes it easy to fit and install. The upper surface has a soothing texture in every styling, that glides the dirt, water, dust and etc. things from the top to the ground directly. The shed material is ultra-durable and can withstand any climatic conditions upon proper installation. Make sure you buy one typical set of shingles for a particular roof, as buying different building materials can create an obstruction while fitting.


How to install the dimensional roofing shingles?

Installing shingles are quite easy, you can either do that on your own or call a professional to do the same. Get the required amount of roofing shingles from the nearby hardware store according to your area basis, length, breadth volume, etc. If you have more than 2 or 3 gliding roofs, it may take more than 3 days to install the whole set. You can follow various YOUTUBE videos and also do a proper training course to install a new generation dimensional shingles in the roof. Make sure to get top roofing Shoes for shingles in the market which will help in installation easy and safe.

Step 1: Fit in the roof flashing from all sides and edges of a single specific roof. The edges can be different (drip edges or bold edge or curve edge), make sure you bolt them well before moving ahead. Now apply a sticky plastic covering above those edges, to hold them still while applying the shingles. Remember these tapes should cover every edge and separation point on the whole roof, use a roller to fasten the job.

Step 2: Now start installing the shingles one by one, this is probably the easiest part of the whole process. Follow the ahead rules properly, and your laminated shingles will last for ages. Start from the bottom edge, the shape and size should fit in properly as previously instructed by the manufacturer at the store. Always, bolt 4 screws on the four corners of the architectural shingles as you fix them at a permanent spot.

Step 3: Move slowly towards the top, cut the shingles wherever it's required as you may not get accurate fittings sometimes. Always carry some extra small single pieces of those dimensional shingles, so that you can apply them whenever a bigger slate won't fit in. Some shingles are non-breakable but mostly they are cuttable. Use a sharp hardware knife to slit them into two-piece or shape them as you want.

Step 4: Lastly when both the sides are done on a roof, use the 3-way dimensional shingles to fill the places of the roof cap. The places that are beyond the edges or have a sliding roof on both sides (generally the top) are in dire need of this item. They fulfil the gap with their covering making it look like a whole new set of the same shed. Get them the same colour as the roof to create an identical view from the top. With this you are done fixing the shed plates, now you can enjoy a cooler temperature in your home on a sunny day.

Dimensional Shingles

Aerial view of a brick house with wooden roof frame under construction.

Safety Gears and Tools required to install the corning dimensional shingles.

  • Wear rubberized gloves and grip boots while working on the roof. Have a safety jacket on yourself, a helmet and white eye sunglasses, so that if you fall, they protect you from getting hurt.
  • Keep a ladder handy, they help fix the roof flashing on the edges. For height purposes, it is safe to use a rope system, that remains attached to your body. This serves as ultimate protection and is the best way to avoid any kind of accident.
  • Keep tools such as screwdrivers, several long thick screws, a medium-sized hammer, sharp cutter/knife, roller and tape for attaching the roofing shingles to the rooftop.



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