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10 Smart Tips to keep your Home Cool in Summer

Home cooling tips

Quick Navigation How To Keep Your Home Cool | DIY Tips1. Insulate your home properly:2. Close the Blinds:3. Buy Ceiling Fans:4. Install a smart programmable Thermostat:5.  Invest in an Evapourative Cooler:6. Use Black curtains:7. Open Windows at Night:8. Use Portable Air Conditioners:9. Use white Sheets/Bedding and Home Décor:10. Put Ice cubs in front of your … Read more

The Best Portable Cooler | Top 10 Updated List

best coolers

A ​cooler, ​also known as ​ice cooler box is one of the most ​accessories today to keep drinks and food cold or hot. ​Use these ice cooler box in picnic, gathering, birthday parties, family fun, hiking or any type of indoor or outdoor events.With the wide array of ​ice cooler boxes in the market today, … Read more