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Are Reel Mowers Better Than Rotary Mowers?

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People might confused between the reel mowers and rotary mowers, which one is better and which one they need to pick for their lawns. I had same kind of confusion then I starting my research about both the machines and here what I found.

Reel mowers are better than rotary mowers as they are silent, cheaper and more environment friendly than rotary mowers. They do not need an external power source and have low maintenance costs. They cut the grass precisely and allow the lawn to heal quickly. You can find more advises for your yard.

Read on as I explain the advantages of each mower in detail, before giving you a detailed explanation about why reel mowers are better than rotary mowers at the end.


Advantages of Reel Mowers

Cost and design 

  • These models are also much more compact as a result, making it easier to store if you do not have a dedicated garage.
  • Even if you decide to have your reel mower powered, you will not have to spend too much money unless you are looking for the best features, in which case the price is comparable to rotary mowers with similar features.
  • Reel mowers do not have very complex cutting systems. The basic setup consists of a helical blade system, a bed knife and a handle to push the mower around. As a result, the non-powered versions are cheaper, giving users a budget friendly option.

Easy to use and maintain 

  • Maintaining a reel mower basically means sharpening the blades if it is not powered. Thus, users need a simple blade sharpening kit, with an annual sharpening being sufficient for good quality cuts.
  • Reel mowers are easy to operate. Push-back mowers need users to push behind the blades with the handle for the grass to be cut. As a result, mowing your lawn becomes a hassle free process. Not having a power source also means it is a safer option, especially if you have very young children.

Great cutting quality 

  • Firstly, the grass can regenerate quicker, promoting dense and faster growth of your lawns for a more plush feeling. Using a reel mower can also help keep diseases and fungal infections away, protecting the grass from long-term or permanent damage. As there are many reel mowers and picking one can be a tough task, so we have picked find a detailed article about best reel mowers for uneven surfaces by Tools Territory, they have covered everything about benefits of reel mowers and how they work in their detailed article.
  • And for uneven surfaces reel mowers are perfect, as it cannot get damaged easily if you hit something with the rower, as its blades works differently. And that is why people prefer reel mowers for un even lawns.
  • Reel mowers can make very close cuts ensuring an even cut at very low heights. They cut grass just like a pair of scissors would, by shearing the blade off cleanly. This causes a smaller wound to be created as a result, which has two main benefits.

Environment friendly

  • The lack of a motor or engine also means they make no sound. As a result, you can go about maintaining your lawn according to your convenience, without being a nuisance to the neighbours.
  • Reel mowers do not require a source of power like gasoline or electricity. As a result, they do not emit pollutants into the atmosphere. They can also give users a good workout while mowing their lawn, helping them get fit while maintaining their lawn.


Advantages of Rotary Mowers


  • The blades are also operated at higher RPM, thanks to their powered source. As a result, they do not get affected by the presence of debris on the lawn such as twigs and sticks. They can be broken down easily by the blade, ensuring the evenness and quality of cut remains unchanged.
  • Rotary mowers are designed to cut grass of different types and lengths. The horizontal spinning blades allow the user to cut very long grass with ease, without causing too much damage to the lawn in the process.

Work across a variety of terrains 

  • The air gap between the blades also allows rotary mowers to tackle slopes and inclined surfaces with ease, ensuring the cut remains even in such cases as well.
  • A rotary mower lifts the blade of grass towards the horizontal blade, which then cuts the blade. As a result, there is a slight air gap between the blade and the surface of the lawn. This helps the mower float across such obstacles without damaging the blades or affecting the owing process.

Increased range 

  • This can be especially handy if you need a mower for applications such as maintenance of a sports field or stadium outfield. The provision of a motor helps reduce the human effort involved in the process of mowing.
    • The blades do their job seamlessly, while all the operator has to do is guide the mower to make sure the entire area is mowed evenly.
    • Rotary mowers are powered by petrol engines or electric motors. As a result, you can have a much more extended range, which makes it easier for users to mow larger fields and lawns with increased surface areas.

Adjustments are easy to make

  • In most cases, this can be done in a couple of easy to do steps. This allows users to make quick adjustments while mowing, without the need of any extra tools.
  • Rotary mowers are complex machines with internal mechanisms that are sensitive. As a result, users do not have access to too many components of the mower. As a result, manufacturers provide easy adjust options which help you adjust the blade without having to come in contact with the blade assembly.


Which one is Better and Why?

Reel mowers are better than rotary mowers for the following reasons:

  • Reel mowers are affordable and easy to maintain. They do not have a very complex operating mechanism, making the process of mowing a lawn very simple for house owners and people with a lack of experience around power tools.
  • Reel mowers do not necessarily need a source of power to operate. Human effort is enough to allow these types of mowers to cut grass. As a result, they do not emit harmful pollutants or make noise, which can cause disturbance to your environment and neighbors alike.
  • Despite costing a lot less than rotary mowers, reel mowers have great cutting quality. They cut the grass to very short heights in an even manner. They also protect the lawn from fungal infections and allow the grass to heal and grow quickly, which helps improve the overall look of the lawn.
  • The last reason why reel mowers are better is because they are safer. The blades come into motion only when the user pushes it from behind. They are also easy to maneuver, giving the user more control over the mower. As a result, there is minimal risk of users getting hurt while operating the mower.



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