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Why A Senior Retirement Community May Be a Great Option, Check One Out

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Many people don’t understand the benefits of living in senior retirement homes. Some confuse assisted living and nursing homes with senior communities. There is a huge difference between the three.

Why A Senior Retirement Community May Be a Great Option, Check One Out

What is the Difference Between Retirement Communities, Assisted Living, and Nursing Homes?

All three living options offer different levels of care for their residents according to Senior Services of America:

  • Nursing Homes offer the highest amount of care for those who need constant care from the nursing team. In most cases, nursing homes offer residents help with bathing, dressing, eating, and getting exercise. Some residents have memory problems, so they work with nurses and other healthcare professionals who specialize in memory care.   
  • Assisted living communities offer a lower level of care as many residents can live on their own, but may need assistance and medical care. May assisted living communities offer daily meals in a dining room or their room. They usually offer transportation assistance, so residents can get to medical appointments. If needed, they can provide housekeeping assistance and healthcare on-site.
  • Retirement communities offer a wide range of communities for seniors who are thriving but no longer wish to live at home or may need minimal help. Most of these communities have a full range of activities, group trips, fitness centers, and exercise options. Many have banks onsite, salons, happy hour, and movie theaters. These seniors are often active and still enjoy a wide range of activities.

Benefits of Active Senior Communities:

According to, there are numerous benefits to active seniors who choose to live in senior living communities.

  • They do not have to handle the upkeep and maintenance of a home or its grounds. A;so think of packing help for seniors!
  • There are numerous activities planned daily. Everything from exercise classes, onsite movies in the theater, and the ability to be around others of similar age and interests. There is always something happening in senior communities.
  • Many communities allow residents to have a pet.
  • Seniors often have the option of preparing their meals or eating in the dining room.
  • All have top medical personnel on staff should residents need immediate care.
  • Group and personalized transportation is available to seniors who don’t have access to vehicles. Trips to local restaurants and grocery stores are scheduled weekly and residents can also pre-arrange transportation to doctors’ appointments.

Schedule a Visit to See if it’s a Good Fit for You or Your Loved Ones:

Most people have the wrong idea when they think about nursing homes. Most people would be surprised to see all they have to offer. If you think retirement is a good fit for someone you know, schedule a visit to a senior living community to see all they have to offer.

You may not want to leave!


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