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A Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive: 5 Factors Must Keep In Mind

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Using a Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive can highly reduce your fatigue and increase work rate. These machines can perform a number of tasks ranging from tightening the bolts quickly and firmly to loosening the stuck bolts. These tools are of immense use at home, they have also become very popular in fields including machinery repair, construction and automotive work. These machines have the ability to make your task easier. Using them, you can experience effortless work.

Cordless impact wrenches are compact and light weighted. They are fitted with powerful batteries. As the name suggests, they are cordless, i.e., there is no more hassle of carrying power chords while you are using your tool. They are tremendously portable machines. You can carry them anywhere in your home or a place of work without worrying for power sockets. Cordless impact wrenches are so handy that they are the first choice of the teams which handle automobile maintenance in a formula-1 race. You might have seen a team changing race car tires within a couple of seconds, you can imagine, how fast are the cordless impact wrenches. Once you have this tool, you can forget those hard/rusted bolts impossible to unbolt manually.

Nowadays, cordless impact wrench has become a must-have at home device. It is important to keep this tool in-house because there are many screws and bolts in a house which you might want to remove or tighten. Being an unprofessional worker, you might lack in the skill or the muscle power required to screw/unscrew the bolts and nuts. To curb this shortcoming, you require the aid of a cordless impact wrench. When you are driving a car on a high way and you have a flat tire, a cordless impact wrench can save your time and labour and get you back on the road as soon as possible. It is like your mechanical assistant traveling with you.

Another perfect place for cordless impact wrench is the garage or a mechanical shop. Everything needs to be quick, precise and tight there. You have a lot of mechanical work in a garage. Impact wrenches can half the amount of labour required making the day easier.

Impact wrenches can be used with anything which involves bolts. You can now imagine the usability of this device. Be it installing a television rack, assembling a foldable bed, mounting a board or removing a rusted bolt, this one device can do it all and that too, with minimal efforts and highest precision.

Most of the cordless impact wrench for automotive comes with a Lithium-ion battery which has a longer life and more power. These power batteries make the tool extremely useful on the road and in the garage where they are no power outlets. An important thing to note here is the voltage and type of size of socket required to recharge the tool.

Factors must keep in mind before buying a cordless impact wrench

As the technology has improved over years, so have the cordless impact wrenches. These machines now come with a number of utility attachments, smart LED lights, friction ring and many other cool features. You have a lot of options available in the market and with, so much to choose from, you need an expert advice. You would definitely want to go for best cordless impact wrench for automotive, so here are few factors you must keep in mind before making any purchase:


The most important thing is to make sure your cordless impact wrench has the right torque. To play safe, you can go for the maximum working torque. Torque less than 200 ft-lbs. When it is concerned with the power and torque of the tool, you should consider other factors such as weathering and rust. Don’t underestimate the amount of power you would need. It is advisable to add a margin of safety. It would be worth mentioning here that there is a difference between working torque and maximum torque.

No load speed:

This is the parameter which indicates the speed at which the wrench will turn on when it has no load. Remember that higher speed will offer low torque. Though you can screw or unscrew the bolts quicker but then, you have to compromise with power. Speed is critical but when it comes to Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive, the choice for high torque will precede.

Drive Size:

Another most important factor while selecting your cordless impact wrench. You should look at the size of a drive that your impact wrench would require. This parameter solely depends on the type of bolts you would be working on. Take your time to study the majority of bolts and nuts you work on. Once you have established this, you can now go for the right drive size. Most common drive size used is 1/2″.


When it comes to safety, Ergonomics is the most important factor to be considered. In addition, better Ergonomic design can optimize performance. While using the impact wrench, you have complex interactions with your tool. Improper Ergonomics has resulted in decreased efficiency, productivity, and even injuries. Better Ergonomics enhances the reach of the tool and results in better handling. Choose a model that has an ergonomic grip and fewer vibrations.

Other factors:

You may consider are weight, durability, comfort, size, shape, the material used in the tool and rotations per minute (RPM). Remember that cordless impact wrenches are hand tools and have a risk factor associated with them. Thorough study and informed decision are highly advised before you make any purchase.


Purchasing a Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive is indeed a good move to equip your toolkit for do-it-yourself projects you face regularly at your home. It is really frustrating when you are unable to overcome that one rusted bolt which hampers your entire project. These are power tools and can cause injury, but when handled properly, they can actually save you from an injury that you might incur while fighting those adamant rusted bolts. Some of the fixes which can be easily managed with an impact wrench can eat a lot of time and efforts when sorted out manually. This is a torque driven tool designed to precisely bolt/unbolt nuts and effortlessly remove difficult bolts. It can be a very good choice for both casual and professional workers.

Being a power tool, there is a certain level of caution you should exercise before acquiring it. There are many brands of Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive available in the market which offers different features and specifications. You are therefore advised to study the models carefully, make a comparison and then decide to purchase a model which is best suited to your requirements. Considering reputed brands while purchasing such tools can ensure a quality product.

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