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2 Major Ways Plug N Play Spas Are Better Than Standard Hot Tubs

hot tub

hot tub

There is such a thing as hydrotherapy in clinical sciences. It is also known as hydropathy if you have come across that word used at some point. So, what is hydrotherapy or hydropathy about?

It is the use of water for therapeutic purposes. This is mostly in the area of pain relief and treatment. This clinical science approach to treatment is an integral part of physiotherapy, alternative medicine, and occupational therapy.

If you have observed, you will notice that this approach to pain treatment is a very important feature in the sporting world. That is why you see your favorite sportsmen and women having an Ice Bath, going for regular drills in the swimming pool, and other water treatment options.

Another way hydrotherapy is administered especially on people suffering arthritis and other muscle and joint pain is through spa therapy. But it can also be used by people who do not have these challenges to deal with.

If you are interested in knowing how this hydrotherapy is used in treating arthritis, you can check here. In this article, we will be discussing two major spa therapy options available and the better one using 2 yardsticks. So, you should pay rapt attention and use the advantages and disadvantages that best suits you in making your choice.

What Are Plug N Play Spas?

These hydrotherapy machines are an upgrade to those hot tubs that are portable but traditional. One of the clear-cut differences is in easy installation and portability. The plug n play (as it is also called) offers a hydrotherapeutic experience close to what is obtainable with the standard hot tubs that you so fancy.

plug n play spa

plug n play spa

Standard Hot Tub vs Plug n Play: Which Is Better?

Some of the yardsticks that can be used to assess the better options between the standard hot tub and plug n play spas includes the following:


Cost of Purchase and Maintenance

Frankly, standard hot tubs do not come cheap or at standard prices (as we like to call it). The initial cost of getting these machines is pretty much on the high side for many prospective users. As a result, many of these people are forced to settle for options that will not stretch their wallets as much as the standard hot tub will do.

It is on this note that many people opt for plug and play spas. They are a lot cheaper. Even plug and play spas that have extra features usually do not cost as much as standard hot tubs in terms of initial purchase cost and maintenance.

Speaking of maintenance, you should be aware that standard hot tubs require special wiring. This is because of the enormous power generated while the machine is in operation. On the contrary, the other option can simply draw power when directly plugged into a wall socket.

As a warning, we strongly advise that you desist from powering the plug and play spa with an extension cord. You are safer when the hydrotherapeutic machine is connected directly to the socket.



This is another reason people have issues with standard hot tubs. The design is such that the tub has to be fitted into a dug part of the space. The installation also has to take note of the wiring which is central to how the machine will function. For this reason, many people have this option installed in their backyards.

However, what happens when you have to move permanently to another location. This is a hectic process that will require the service of a technician(s) in removing and reinstalling the tub. Well, things are a lot better with plug and play spas in this regard. For one, the tubs are durable but a lot easier to carry. So, if you need to move, you are covered.

Furthermore, there is no hassle with installation. You simply need to connect the open wired plug to a socket with electrical power running through. For more information on the advantages and disadvantages of plug and play spa, you can watch:



The truth is that plug and play spas have their setbacks as much as they have several benefits. For instance, it cost more to run when you consider electricity charges.

However, we have touched upon two major areas where this hydrotherapeutic equipment comes off as the better option. If these conditions are important to you, we suggest that you get this machine.



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