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What can I do with my wood router?

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Your woodworking journey may remain incomplete if you do not have a wood router. Many woodworkers out there find a wood router the most versatile tool for their work. It allows you to cut almost any cut you require while doing a woodworking project. Also, it should come handy when you need to cut groove cuts, bevel cuts and so many cuts at the time of woodworking.

With an affordable wood router, you can take your woodworking experience to the next level, and it will obviously help you to be a professional woodworker. It saves you time and effort while cutting woods, depending on your projects. Only a best palm router can help you to cut wood differently, including grooves and rabbets, profile edges, cut inlays, drill clean holes, shape wood, and so forth.

Types of wood routers

Wood routers are of two types, including a fixed base router and a plunge base router. Depending on your needs, you can have both of them to work efficiently and more productively. On the other hand, only one wood router also can help you out to accomplish your woodworking project too.

A fixed base router comes to help you cut the depth of the wood, which will expand the router base. On the contrary, a plunge base router will allow you to set a depth more precisely. While using a plunge base router, the router base keeps flat on the wood you are going to cut. Your woodworking project will get more variety if you have both of them.

A simple home project may not require a plunge base router, while the more professional project may need both to make the project more beautiful and efficient to your clients. When you have both of them, you will get more options to perform the woodcuts, depending on your requirements.

However, let's come to the main point to discuss as the topic of the article says. Though you can do many things with your wood router, in this article, I will share with you the most important use of a wood router so that you can learn the most important things. So, without further ado, let's start to discuss them one by one with a short description, right?


Make bevel frame

With a wood router, you can make the beveled frame easily. You know that the picture frame you see in the store is made with the help of wood routers. You can also do it yourself by following the instruction. If you want to make a bevel frame, there are many resources out there you can follow.

Besides, you will find the instructions to make bevel frames online by searching on the search bar of Google. After finding the best suit, you can make it watching the instructions or reading the instructions if it comes as pdf version.


A cutting board is possible

With a rectangular piece of wood, you can use the wood router to make a cutting board. All you need to do is you have to start cutting the edges of the board, and also you require to end the process by hollowing out one or two inches of the groove at the edge of the board. Make sure you have cut them in all the way to make round edges of the board.

In this case, you also have to consider the type of wood, and you should not use any type of wood to make this piece of round edges. For this cut, you will need cherry, walnut, maple, and teak wood because they are the best wood for cutting edges around the board.


Raised panel doors

Raised board entryways are an incredible expansion to shelves. You can likewise supplant old bureau entryways with raised board entryways. This task is more best in class; however, possible with time and some earlier switch understanding.

You'll require a few switch bits, dances, and entryway layouts. Do a web look for "making raised board entryways with a switch" for progressively nifty gritty directions.


Make a sign

Without a wood router, it is almost impossible to make beautiful signs, such as a business sign. In order to make the sign you want, you will need nothing but a piece of wood and your versatile wood router and you are ready to accomplish the sign.

The sign you are going to make with the wood router needs to be drawn on the piece of wood. A round nose or square end router will help you for hollowing and lettering. It will allow you to make carving intricate designs as well as more decorative edging as well.


A rounded edge can be made

In the event that you are making a table, nightstand, or seat that begins with a square edge, you can balance it by utilizing a wood router. Rounded edges are regularly more tastefully satisfying than straight edges. This may likewise be valuable if you have little youngsters and need to dispense with sharp edges on furniture for their security.

Thinking about how to make an adjusted edge? To start with, you'll need to append your switch bit to the collection of your wood router and lock it set up. Next, you'll need to set the profundity of your bit. At last, you'll need to run the switch along the edge of the wood. It's as straightforward as that.


Other edges you can cut with a router

Apart from the edges and the designs that a wood router offers you to make beautiful cuts, a wood router can provide you with more cuts, including trim wood, shape wood, drill clean holes, groves, and rabbets, recess hinges and many more. Therefore, nothing is as important when you do woodworking as a wood router.


Final Verdict

A wood router offers you versatility in your woodworking project. Also, your woodworking project may not come to an end without the use of a wood router. Because you have to make many bevel cutting, grooves, and rabbets, profile edges which are completely impossible without using a wood router. So, you can do a variety of woodworking projects with nothing but a wood router.



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