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Tips And Tricks For CNC Machining

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Is it possible to get the highest accuracy from the CNC machine without extra effort? No! you won't get maximum efficiency from your CNC machine if you only follow traditional rules. If you want to get maximum performance, then you need to think out of the box.

You can get the highest precision from your CNC machine if you apply some tips and tricks.

Here in this guide, I am sharing some proven tips and tricks which will bring results without any doubt. You can apply these tips and tricks to any CNC machining, including qmolding cnc. So, don't stop if you seriously want to maximize your CNC machine efficiency.

9 Tips and tricks for CNC machining

1. Get the perfectly defined 3D model first

Do you know what is necessary for getting a perfectly defined geometry from the machine? For doing this first, you need to make sure that you create a perfectly defined 3D model.


2. Polish unfinished products   

Machine polishing is excellent. But what if the finishing of your some products is not good enough. What should you do in this situation? This a normal situation for machining. To get rid of this problem you can polish them. Even you can use polishing tools. By doing this, sometimes you will be surprised to see the result. You will find that some products will be more polished than the actual product.  


3. Pick the end mills carefully

While choosing your end mills, you need to ask yourself a few questions: How long will it work? What is the precision requirement of your job? And how powerful is the end mills? After getting answers of those questions, choose one that fulfills your answers. If you want to work with tougher materials, then choose coated end mills, coated end mills used to be made with titanium.


4. Clean objects from the job site

It is the number one suggestion for a lot of people, especially for machinists and woodworkers. Extra objects on the job site may cause break the cutter. So, always keep the job site clean from extra materials.


5. Avoid unnecessary machining

You must remove unnecessary design. Do you know what problem it creates? Unnecessary designs will need extra time. Therefore, it will extend the operation and increase production costs. You need to simplify the design so that the matter of unnecessary design goes away before machining. You can also avoid unnecessary design by cutting the remaining materials, which is more efficient than cutting the required section.


6. Get rid of complex text and logo

Complex text and logo need custom machining tools. Therefore, production time and cost will increase. Even it is difficult to add small text and sign. To avoid this situation, you can use bigger size texts and signs. 


7. Get rid of too small features   

Some products are designed with small corners. But the problem is if the corner is too small, a machine with a minimum diameter less than the product diameter will struggle to make that. In this case, you may need to add custom tools that are difficult to process. So, it's better to avoid too small features if you want to reduce cost and time.


8. Avoid non-standard size hole

Standard size holes are easy to make because the CNC machine has the standard size drill bit. What if the size of the hole is smaller than the standard size? Here the problem comes in, to make this type of hole, you will need the custom drill bit, and it takes more time to drill a smaller size hole. As a result, production time and cost will increase.


9. Avoid complicated features

You shouldn't design CNC parts that are out of the machine's capacity. It is always better to take the machine advantage and maximize efficiency. But if you try to design that is complicated and can't be produced, you will waste time and human resources. So, take the decision first and get rid of the complicated design.


Final words

That's all for now. If you read these tips and tricks carefully and apply them, I can say that it will bring positive results for your CNC machine performance. Performance increasing is all about optimizing. You have to implement changes regularly. If you think I missed any important tips or tricks, please let me know about that.



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