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Category Archives for "How To"

How to Use a Tile Saw

You know what’s fun? Doing some crafty projects at home using a tile saw. You may be thinking to yourself, “how do I use a tile saw?” While they are not complicated machines to figure out, understanding how to use a tile saw will help you complete any project. If you’ve picked up a tile […]

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How Does a Band Saw Work

If you’ve been looking to renovate your home, you may have looked at different tools necessary to complete the job. You probably went out and got all the tools, and realized you don’t know how to use some tools. That’s alright, because this tutorial will help you learn how to use the tools properly so […]

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How to Use a Reciprocating Saw

Reciprocating saws are an excellent tool for any workshop, and knowing how to use one will make any home project even better. A reciprocating saw will come with different types of blades which allows you to choose what type of cut you want to do, and whether the cut will work for your project.While it […]

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How Does a Reciprocating Saw Work

If you like to work with your hands, then you know that having the right tools means that you can do almost anything. While there are plenty of options out there, one of the best tools you can have at your disposal is a reciprocating saw. Whether it’s cutting wood, plastic, or metalthis handy device […]

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How to Change the Blade on a Reciprocating Saw

​If you work around the house or are an avid DIY person, then it is very common for you to wonder how to change the blade on a reciprocating saw. The back and forth motion of the saw makes it a perfect tool for many projects as the blade can get into a constricted position […]

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How to Change Tile Saw Blade

It’s great to have a tile saw for your projects but after a while the blades need to be replaced and then you find yourself asking how to change tile saw blade in an easy and simple manner.Before you decide to change the blade of your saw, make sure that it really needs changing. It’s […]

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How to Put a Blade in a Sawzall

For those of us who have used the Milwaukee Sawzall for years, there seems to be no alternative. The reliable and sturdy reciprocating saws are an all-rounder for household and DIY projects and cutting through materials like wood, PVC, metal and others.You will need to change the blades of the saw depending upon the type […]

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How to Use a Sabre Saw

Even a few years back I would get confused every time it came to choosing the right tool for cutting something or working on a DIY project. I carry out a lot of household tasks and maintenance work where I need to cut through difficult areas or reach a constricted crevice for slicing something off.There […]

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