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How to Renovate Your Home on a super tight Budget | DIY Tips on home Improvement

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Home renovation tend to come at a huge cost and although it may be at the top of our to-do list, sometimes we’re restricted by our budgets and current financial situation. However, there are a few simple yet effective renovation steps you can take in order to transform your home without it costing a fortune.

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Restore your Original Floor 

Flooring has a huge impact on the overall aesthetics and finish of a room, therefore it’s important to opt for the correct style to suit your decor. Flooring is a quick home renovation method which not just makes your rooms look beautiful, it also has very good return on investment.

Instead of hiring a professional to completely rip up and re-fit your carpet or laminate, why not try removing it yourself, and restoring your original wooden floorboards for a tasteful, rustic effect. You can then complete your staircase with a stylish stair runner which will give a completely new look and feel.

Make an Entrance 

There’s no ignoring the impact and impression a front door can make on your home, and it’s an easy yet effective way to update the outside of your house without spending thousands of dollars. Whether you want a simple touch up with a coat of paint, or fancy adding a bold new colour and door number for an entirely new look; making a small change to the entrance of your home will make all the difference. This home renovation idea shall increase your home price!



‘Upcycle’ Furniture

Making use of any old furniture you may have and giving it a brand new look is an extremely quick and affordable way to make a change in your home. From dining tables to cabinets and bedroom furniture; up cycling wooden pieces in particular is super straightforward. This can also be done with fabric pieces but may be a bit more complicated to complete if you’re not an experienced DIY-er! There are plenty of online tutorials to help you out though, whichever option you’d prefer. Here is a useful guide to upcycling for beginners.

Touch up your Worktops 

Changing your kitchen worktops and painting the cupboards rather than ripping everything out and starting over is an amazing way to create a new and exciting look. You can also update your kitchen even further by buying new handles for your cupboards which can create an entirely new look at an incredibly low cost. These steps also won’t require a professional and can be done in minimal time.

Invest in Radiator Covers 

Very few people talk about this technique of home improvement. If you want to add an expensive-looking touch to your interior; then incorporating things such as radiator covers and staircase runners is a great way to change a space with minimal effort and cost required. Radiator covers simply slot over your radiator and can be multi-functional as they not only protect the radiator, but they also double up as shelves allowing you to add even more decorative touches such as candles, photo frames and flowers.



Change your Lighting

Lighting is often the biggest focal point in a room, which means it is worth updating from time to time in order to beautifully brighten up a space. One of the best things to bear in mind when it comes to house renovation and decor is that keeping your main colors neutral or pretty basic means you can make changes by using accessories such as lamps, rugs and cushions to completely revamp the theme without having to re-paint or splash out on new wallpaper. Lamp shades or chandeliers don’t have to be costly either, shop around for the style you like and ensure you get the best possible price.



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