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Choosing The Best Vapes For Beginners

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It’s relatively easy for people to start smoking but notoriously challenging for them to quit. Even if you want to try and kick the habit by switching to vaping, you might have no idea how to begin. There are so many products on the market today that it can seem overwhelming - from pens to pod mods, what vape should you buy? When you’re just starting to vape, the amount of options and customization these devices offer can be confusing.

To narrow your focus, it helps to determine what you’re searching for in a vape. Are you looking for a discrete model with an undetectable smell? Or perhaps you’d like something more cutting-edge with a long battery life. The stress of finding out which vape to buy may drive you to pick up smoking again, but don’t worry! Starter kits are made for beginners; they include the battery, atomizer, and e-liquid tank - all in one, so you don’t have to buy and assemble each part individually. Considering how much the vape market is growing, more manufacturers are creating user-friendly devices for beginners. We’ve written this guide to help you find the right vape for yourself:


You can’t go wrong with a tried and true: the e-cigarette. This device has been on the market the longest; it’s designed to look and feel like a cigarette, and even has an LED light at the end to simulate the burning tip. Smokers who are trying to quit find that it’s easy to replace their habit when their vape acts like a cigarette does. Rather than push a button, you simply inhale to draw in the vapor. Some are disposable while others are refillable. Due to their low price, cig-a-likes are a great way to try out vaping and see if it works for you. The biggest downside to e-cigs is their limited battery life - they only last for a few hours.


Pod mod.

These devices offer a beginner-friendly experience: to change the e-juice, simply switch out the cartridge (which can be pre-filled, or full of a flavor of your choosing). There are two kinds of vape mods: open pod systems, and closed ones. The open systems are refilled using nicotine salt e-liquid, while the closed cartridges are pre-filled. The nicotine salt e-juices come in high concentrations which helps smokers who are used to high doses of nicotine. Pod mods come in a round shape that allows them to fit in your pocket easily. You’ll find it easier to quit when you load your device with the best vape juice flavors.


Vape pen.

Vape pens come in more colors and designs than the traditional e-cigarette, so you can show off your personality. They also offer more customization when it comes to wattage and temperature settings so that you can produce the perfect clouds. With vape pens, users sometimes experience a dry or burnt hit. This occurs when the wick isn’t properly saturated with e-juice; you can replace the wick with a new one or try cleaning it and adding several drops of e-liquid. With a vape pen, you’ll enjoy intense flavors and smooth clouds.


Box mod.

Smoking will be part of your past if you buy one of these impressive devices. Since they offer more temperature control than other devices, you’ll need to put in a bit of research to use a box mod properly. But for beginner vapers who aren’t satisfied with e-cigarettes, box mods give the user more control over their experience. These devices require some knowledge, although they accommodate both inhalation methods: direct-to-lung and mouth-to-lung. You’ll be beating bad breath and losing that tobacco smell by switching to a box mod vape, which can hold more of your favorite flavors. Depending on the model you choose, some parts may be sold separately, such as the battery - the advantage of this is that box mods have the longest battery life of all devices listed here. If you’re looking for a more in-depth vaping experience, then you should consider a box mod.

We hope that this guide helps you determine which vape will suit your needs best. As you become more familiar with your device, you may decide that you’d like to upgrade to a model with a longer battery life or a better draw. You may be able to wean yourself off nicotine completely and replace it with fruity e-juice instead. No matter what model you choose, it’s a better decision for your health than smoking.



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