SKIL 9215-02 8.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

If you need a workhorse that works like a charm, then you already got it. SKIL 9215-02 8.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw has been a great partner in my workshop. It clearly does the work a remodeler, plumber and carpenter combined. Its versatility has made me improve my innovations to provide more modern and lavish designs in my craftworks.

I have used a variety of reciprocating saws and done all the boring works that involve researching, testing and comparing the saws. None is even close or comparable with this workhorse. I am impressed with it because of the following reasons;

SKIL 9215 -02 8.5 Amp Reciprocating Saw Feature


This model is powered by 8.5 Amp motor that enables fast and efficient cuts like crazy. With this unmatched power, no project will be left unturned. It enables you to trim trees and bushes besides fixing, remodeling or building projects around the house. In fact, you can use this angry power to demolish or construct projects. It works amazingly like three regular models combined.

Ease Of Operation

To get a soft and manicured look that you have always desired, this model consists of three wood cutting blades that enhance fast and effortless trimming or pruning. In addition, changing the blades is no task.

The machine depicts EZ lock-tool-less blade change system that enables the changing of blades to be so fast and easy. Besides, the saw depicts variable speeds control dial that enables you to adjust the stroke speed. Increased speed enhances clean and fast cuts that leave your projects smooth and adorable


With the great power that the saw depicts, it can handle all kinds of projects that you throw at it. It has been engineered with user-friendly features that enhance comfort and safety during use. This durable workhorse depicts soft grip handles that reduce fatigue even with working for longer periods of time.

It also features vibrations controlled gearing that allows you to operate the machine without being worked up. In addition you can maneuver to tight places, thanks to its adjustable pivoting shoe.


You will expect this high technology to drain your wallets. On the contrary, this is the most affordable workhorse you will ever find, given its top-notch quality service and the durability it depicts. In fact, you may confuse it for a replica of the same for the friendly costs it depicts. It does a remarkable work that could otherwise cost you a great deal of money to get the work as perfect as the machine does.


The SKIL 9215 reciprocating saw comes with a pretty and tough carrier bag that is essential to store the machine to enhance its safety and durability. It is also equipped with a couple of blades that are easy to change. This ensures that you tackle various tasks conveniently. In addition, the blades are super sharp and sturdy for long life use. You may want to use an eye or face protection for this workhorse cuts like it is mad.


  • Powered by 8.5 Amp power motor for efficiency
  • Features versatility of use
  • Sturdy construction to withstand heavy work
  • Secure handle grips for comfort and safety
  • Ease of use


  • Not efficient in damp locations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What materials can I saw with this machine?

A: The saw comfortably cuts through any type of material including wood, metal and PVC constructions.

Q: Can anyone operate this saw?

A: Indeed, you do not need to be a veteran user to use this saw. It is totally user-friendly from the simplicity to ease of use. It also comes in a right weight that anyone can hold and operate with no difficulty.

Q: How fast is the reciprocating model?

A: The saw is powered by 8.5 Amp motor with 9 inches sharp blade so you can imagine the oomph that I am talking about here.

Final Words

I am one person that cannot be easily pleased by a product unless I try it myself. This workhorse has given me a good name in the market. My workshop has attracted more customers for the fast and quality work that I provide.

Thanks to this SKIL 9215 reciprocating saw, I am so comfortable to handle any project requiring remodeling or demolition. It gives outstanding and incomparable top performance. I totally recommend this workhorse for heavy duty users that aim to provide quality services within the shortest time possible.

Garry Harris

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