PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS 7.5Amp Reciprocating Saw

Construction workers will smile in the mention of PORTER-CABLE PC75TRS 7.5Amp Reciprocating Saw. The saw has been approved far and wide for its work ability and outstanding performance.

If fact, its user-friendliness has been adored by many. Any beginner out there including women can comfortably hold and operate the saw without experiencing any trouble. Well, most reciprocating saws have been avoided by most women for being too heavy or rather so complex to hold and operate.

No yard will be bushy or vegetation unpruned with the availability of this versatile, powerful and rugged machine. I have used this exact model with my household projects and have never been so proud of what it does.

PORTER CABLE 7.5 amp Reciprocating Saw Feature


Nothing trims with oomph and vigor as this beast. It handles any work, be it heavy or light. It is powered by a 7.5Amp motor that enables you to work in a variety of applications at ease. In fact, it uses the shortest time possible to handle loads of projects. This will be convenient for you if you are handling commercial projects and you are working on a tight schedule. Also, this angry beast is double insulated to ensure more safety.


The porter cable 7.5 amp reciprocating saw comes in a favorable weight that will enable you to maneuver through your projects with a lot of ease. You can move around freely, thanks to its long power cord that enhances its flexibility. The machine is also engineered with soft grips rear handles.

This enables you to work on your projects for longer times and also cover a lot of work without being fatigued. In fact, you can do work of three men within the shortest time possible without feeling exhausted.

In addition, this model has been engineered cozy grips and boots that minimize vibration when cutting. It also has a rubberized casing that ensures safe handling. It, therefore, offers a stable and conducive environment to work on the projects.


This reciprocating tool features a variable speed trigger that enables you to control the intensity of the tool while working. This is portrayed by the amount of pressure that you apply on the trigger, to make it cut fast or slowly. In addition, the saw features a Twist Lock Tool free blade change that allows effortless and fast blade changes.


The porter cable 7.5 amp reciprocating saw depicts durability and longtime use for its sturdy construction. It is a great tool and investment for the value of your money. More so, you will not strain your pockets to own one as it comes at an affordable price. In fact, for the amazing work it does, the value of your money will be repaid in barely a week.

You can operate the machine yourself without employing someone else. This saves you the costs and time that you could have used to contact or employ a plumber, constructor or carpenter to handle the projects that you need.


  • Well balanced for safe use
  • ​Comfortable handle grips to ensure total safety
  • ​Sturdy construction for durability
  • ​Outstanding performance
  • Easy to maneuver when cutting
  • Simple blade change for easy operation


  • Gets too hot with long use
  • ​Heavyweight for long use
  • Noisy when working

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the variable speed controlled?

A: The speed is not adjustable. Hence, the amount of pressure you put on the trigger, you can apply less pressure to make it slow or vice versa.

Q: Wow well is the machine insulated?

A: This reciprocating tool is double insulated

Q: How effective is the saw in large projects?

A: This model is amplified with 7.5 AMP power motor hence handles any projects at ease.

Final Words

Probably, this competitive model will last more than you can imagine. I have used it with no regrets. In fact, at times I wonder how I ever survived without this amazing saw. This saw has seen me through thick and thin but has never been a letdown. If you need a powerful tool with ease of use and total efficiency, then probably this is the model for you. I assure you, you will not be disappointed when you purchase this saw.

Garry Harris

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