Milwaukee 0719-22 M28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw Review

I have always enjoyed a great sawing experience at home, and many are the times I have had people at my house coming to admire my work. We feel good when other people appreciate our work, and it motivates us to do even better than before. I am not very skilled with using saws, but I have my secret which is the type of saw that I use. Just like an artist carefully chooses the type of paint brush to use, so should you also consider the type of saw to use for that sawing work you need done.

I had used other types of saws, but this Milwaukee 0719 22 M28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw blew my mind away. Not once can I remember enjoying sawing using other brands than with this saw.

Milwaukee 0719 22 M28 Sawzall Feature

Ease of Use

No one wants to purchase a product that will give them a hard time before learning how to use it. This Milwaukee M28 Sawzall is the easiest I have come across.Featuring a superior11/8-in blade stroke ensures fast cutting with no straining. I would use the saw for a long time, and my hands did not get tired all thanks to this feature


Everyone wants to work with a saw that is comfortable to use at all times and not having to worry about after-work stress. Many saws produce vibrations as they work and this unpleasant to the user after several hours of working. This Saw has ensured that this is no longer a point of concern.

Featuring a soft grip handle that dampens fatigue-producing vibrations from the saw ensure comfort. The vibrations do not affect the user, and you can use it comfortably as long as you want.


The Milwaukee 0719 22 M28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw features an illuminated fuel gauge on the battery. This helps to ensure that you get to know when the battery is almost out and change it.

The gears are protected by a clutch which ensures that they are safe from any interference and this increases the durability of the saw. The presence of quick-lock blade clamp for tool-free blade changes ensures the saw is efficient while in use.

Strong Blade

Not once have I tried to cut through strong objects with other types of saws only to end up wasting my time. I felt very frustrated after sawing for a long time leaving me tired and without success. Since using the Milwaukee M28 Sawzall Lithium Ion Cordless Reciprocating Saw, I have not had a problem cutting through any material.

The saw features a thick 11/8 inch blade which moves at speed between 2,000-3,000 strokes per minute. At such a speed you will not realize the difference between cuttings through different types of material.


Weight is an important factor to consider when buying equipment as it can influence the work output of a person. Working with heavy objects tends to slow down the work completion rate than using light objects.

In this case, the Saw has the weight issue covered. The batteries are reversible, and you can slide them from either direction. This helps to counter balance the tools' weight while working making it light.


  • The saw is durable
  • ​Batteries are rechargeable
  • ​Provides cordless conveninece
  • ​Saw blade is rust free
  • Has a rafter hook for safe storage


  • After using the saw for some hours, you have to stop working and charge the batteries which limit work time

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I charge the batteries?

A: On purchasing the product, it comes with its unique charger, and the saw has a charging port for the same.

Q: Should I use gloves to hold the saw? My hands tend to sweat a lot

A: There is no need to use gloves since the saw has a grip-slip slip handle ensuring your grasp is firm on the tool. However, there is no harm in using gloves.

Q: Should I store the tool when the batteries are full or drained?

A: If you are not going to use the tool for a long time the batteries should be ¾ charged and fully charged if storing for a short time. Long storage while the battery is full results to self-discharge and may weaken the battery over time.

Final Verdict

Not all saws in the market will leave an impression that you like, but once you use the Saw your opinion is bound to change. The tool comes with many cool features that help you achieve the sawing results you have always been dreaming of. Get this saw today and be a master of your sawing experiences.



Garry Harris

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