DEWALT DW310K 12 Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

Sawing can be awesome especially if you are using a self-driven classic saw. Long gone are the manual sawing days when sawing was tiresome and not enjoyable.

When you know what you want to achieve with your saw, selection becomes very easy and more specific. There are different brands of saws available in the market, but I choose mine correctly to ensure that I get the best.

I have used many of these other brands available, and many are the times that I ended up being disappointed. This disappointment ended when I used the DEWALT DW310K 12 Amp Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw.

At last here was a brand that made me feel like sawing all the time from the perfect work I achieved. Since I bought it, all my neighbors just want to use my saw and have got rid of theirs.

DEWALT DW310K 12 Amp Reciprocating Saw Feature

Variable Speed

Besides the excellent functionality, this saw has been designed with variable speed. No one wants a saw that has speed which is uncontrollable.This feature allows you to control the speed of the saw to a level that is comfortable to use. Speed control is also important depending on the type of job you are working on. While working on a hard surface, I use a fast speed with the saw and a slow speed while working on a soft surface.

Adjustable Shoe

Working with a saw can be fun and worth your while especially if you can adjust the blade to your preference. The Saw features a keyless adjustable shoe that easily adjusts the depth of cut.

This is a great feature since the user can regulate the blade to the intended depth while working. I also noticed that through depth variation it helps to extend the blade life to last longer for more effective results.

Power Motor

When it comes to the power of this Saw, you can be sure that with every feature considered, the level of performance is more than assured. This can be partly attributed to the high power level that this saw has.

This saw features a 12 Amp motor that delivers increased and highly effective power. This I found quite helpful, especially when working with heavy duty applications that need a high amount of power.

Stainless Blade

One of the greatest problems that is common in most saw blades is frequent rust. This can be so annoying especially if you spent your time and quite a large sum of money to acquire the saw blade. To make your maintenance work easy, this Saw has a well-designed keyless stainless steel blade.

The stainless feature ensures that the saw blade is not affected by rust and I have been able to use it for a long time without the need of a replacement.

Ease Of Use

Some saws in the market can give you a headache before learning how to use them effectively. You might even end up using a saw for a long time, but still, the work outcome is still not as expected.

What a relief it was when I found out that this Saw is very easy to use. The saw features a keyless blade clamp for quick and easy blade changes.

This increases the reliability of the saw, and I have not had another saw as easy to use and have effective results as this one. Sawing has never been this fast and simple before.


  • The saw offers a fast performance
  • ​Efficient cutting
  • ​Perfect stroke length
  • Effective and effective


  • The saw is corded hence the movement is restricted to a certain distance

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long can I use the saw?

A: The power motor ensure that you can use the saw as long as possible without saw failure

Q: How frequently should I change the saw blade?

A: Normally the blade is designed to last for a long time, but once the edges start to crack off then it is necessary to get a new blade.

Q: How should I clean the saw?

A: After sawing, the saw remains with bits of the surface you work on especially the blade. Remove the blade and wipe using a dry piece of cloth. The Same case applies to the other part of the saw wipe the dust off using a dry piece of cloth.

Final Verdict

As much as everyone has their opinion about saws, this DEWALT DW310K 12 Amp Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw is a perfect choice. For a person who loves quality sawing products, I don't like a saw that will not help me achieve the desired outcome.

I look carefully and keenly before purchasing any product. I have used this saw and not once has it let me down in my sawing products. I believe it is going to be as helpful to you as it has been to me for so long.

Garry Harris

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