DEWALT DC385K 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit Review

There are various types of saws on the market on the market, and reciprocating saws confuse quite some people. As a result, many people find it hard to choose the best reciprocating saw to suit their DIY needs.

If you are not familiar with a reciprocating saw, this is an electric tool that you can use to handle different home projects. If you need to change PVC piping, cut through nails, cut tree branches, fitting windows or cutting through any material, you need to have a reciprocating saw to handle all the work.

For many years, I have used the DEWALT DC385K 18-Volt in my workshop for different DIY projects, and the saw is simply awesome. This is an invaluable tool that has greatly helped me handle all cutting projects.

I love the fact that the saw is cordless hence giving me the opportunity to reach even the tightest spots that a corded saw cannot handle. If you want to have a versatile cutting tool, I'm providing you with a full review of the tool based on my personal experience with the tool.

DEWALT DC385K 18-Volt Cordless Reciprocating Saw Feature

Variable Speed Control

This reciprocating saw works with back and forth motion similar to a handsaw to allow you cut through different materials. It is versatile to help you cut almost anything that you have. As compared to other corded saws, the saw fits even on the tightest space for the best performance. With its variable speed control, it is easy to achieve fast and accurate cuts. It can operate at speeds ranging from 0 to 3000 spm, which is a high cutting speed.

Comfortable Grip

If you are using a power tool that doesn't offer a comfortable grip, you might not get the best control when you are working. The saw weighs less, and it is easy to maneuver. With its textured anti-slip grip, you can hold it comfortably for many hours without getting your hands fatigued. Even when you are using it for an extended period, you can still achieve consistent results. Thanks to its variable speed trigger.

Multiple Blade Positions

I love this feature because it gives the saw more cutting applications. If the blade were only facing in one direction, it would be a hard job to cut substances with a reciprocating saw. I appreciate the fact that the blade has four cutting positions. It doesn't matter if the handle is facing up, you can simply turn the blade at different angles to achieve the best cut without causing any damages on the blades.

Long Battery Life

If a tool doesn't provide you with enough power to get your job done, it might not be worth buying. Luckily, the DEWALT DC385K has batteries with a long life that keep the saw working for quite a long time. In comparison to other standard batteries, this tool provides you with 40 percent more runtime. It also takes a very short time to charge hence reducing your downtime to allow you do your work.

Easy Blade Change

When you are working, you need to save as much time as possible so that you can finish up your projects. You do not want to spend the entire time replacing a saw blade. The tool provides you with an easy blade change that will help you save more time. The blade comes out with ease for easy replacement. Dewalt reciprocating saw provides a quick release keyless-blade chuck for easy blade replacement.


  • Balanced saw with a lightweight design
  • ​The battery life lasts for long
  • ​Offers a keyless blade change
  • ​The variable speed control provides accuracy
  • It has a very comfortable grip
  • Provides effective control and power


  • It doesn't come with blades

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this cordless reciprocating saw come with a charger?

A: Yes, the saw comes with a charger and two batteries.

Q: Did you receive a case when buying the saw?

A: I bought the saw and mine came with a case, charger, and battery.

Q: are the blades included too in the kit when buying the saw?

A: Apart from the case, battery and charger, I did not receive any blades. I do not think they are included.

Final Words

My tool box is full of different tools, but I find myself using the Saw especially for landscaping projects. The tool is versatile, flexible, lightweight and provides cordless convenience. It is worth investing in, and you will not have problems handling any cutting job.

Garry Harris

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