Black & Decker RS500K 8.5-Amp Reciprocating Saw Review

Cordless power tools are convenient to use, and they work well in reaching tighter spaces. If you are looking for a cordless reciprocating saw, you will appreciate working with the Black & Decker RS500K 8.5-Amp saw.

The saw has a battery that provides a great run time so you can get your work done in less time. The 20V battery provides more power that you need to get your projects done.

With this reciprocating saw, you are not limited to the time that you need to work. It is designed to work well in both warm and cold temperatures without compromising the outcome.

I also love the cordless design of the saw that makes it easily portable, and it doesn't matter where you want to take your cutting, you can always depend on this tools for the best performance.

Black & Decker RS500K Reciprocating Saw Feature

Powerful Motor

You need to get the right power for you to perform various types of cutting jobs. The saw is designed with a high-quality motor that is strong and provides you with the needed power to handle different types of cutting. The battery holds power for quite some time so to help you handle many cutting applications without recharging the battery. You can achieve efficient and accurate cutting all the time.

Sift Grip

The worst thing that I experience in my workshop is using a power tool that is uncomfortable. This ruins the performance and effectiveness of the work done. The saw is made with soft grips that reduce vibrations when you are working. As a result, you can achieve comfort and control for the best results.

Variable Speed

A toll that provides you with variable speed is important because you can set the speed depending on the material that you are cutting. This reciprocating tool provides you with a variable speed ranging from 0-2400 spm. Varying the speed gives you control when you are cutting such that you do not end up damaging your workpiece. You can achieve fast and efficient cutting in any application.

Easy Blade Changing

After using the tool for a while, you need to replace the blade to achieve better cuts faster. Blade changing can be a very difficult task, but when you have the right tools with you, the process becomes simple. Unlike other saws, this model is designed to provide you with easy blade changing. With its quick clamp tool free blade change, you can replace the blades pretty much easier. You can use the saw in cutting different materials such as wood, plastic, and metal.

Lightweight Construction

The first thing that I consider when buying a power tool is the weight. I have had a bad time using heavy tools, and your hands get fatigued after a few minutes of use. I love the lightweight construction of the saw that provides easy handling and reduced fatigue when you are using the saw. This tool makes good use of the dampening technology that reduces vibrations when you are using the saw.


  • Easy to change the blades
  • ​Lightweight hence reduces fatigue
  • ​Works well in tight spaces
  • ​Has variable speed control
  • Can be used to cut metal, wood, and plastic
  • Designed with a powerful motor


  • Battery and charger sold separately
  • The tool produces a lot of vibrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm interested in purchasing this reciprocating saw. Can I use it to cut pressure treated wood?

A: Of course, this will be a great tool to buy. Not only can you use it to cut pressure treated but also it can cut nails.

Q: How many blades are included?

A: I have this reciprocating saw model, and it has one blade.

Q: Has anyone used this saw to cut galvanized pipe?

A: I think it will work well if you are using the right blade.

Final Words

Black & Decker is a big brand in the production of quality power tools. The saw delivers an impressive work especially if you are handling delicate everyday cutting tasks.

If you are in need of a cordless reciprocating saw, I would recommend you to pick the Black & Decker RS500K 8.5-Amp saw, and you will not be disappointed. This is an incredible cutting tool that will help you achieve precise and accurate cuts on any material.

Garry Harris

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